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NEO Equipment is dedicated to serving NE Ohio with a broad product range of excavating, construction and demolition attachments and related products. We offer free local delivery to your Yard or Job site! Likewise, we are always open to researching and choosing new products to meet your needs. Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll conduct product research for you and give you our opinion on the pros/cons of similar products from a range of manufacturers . So just tell us what you need! 440-823-1562

Industry Leading products

AMULET Manufacturing

AMULET specializes in designing and manufacturing severe duty Excavator and Backhoe  attachments: Hydraulic Thumbs, Rigid Thumbs, Rakes, Rippers, Hydraulic Tilt Buckets and the World's one-and-only XBoom Coupler... A mechanical coupler system that quickly converts an excavator from its digging function to a full-revolving, rigid-boom tool carrier, and back again at will!... Please review the line card above and give us a call! 

KUNDEL Industries

KUNDEL Industries specializes in designing and manufacturing severe duty Trench Shields (Trench Boxes) of all types and sizes, Trench Shoring Systems, Bedding Boxes and they also design and build a full line of Industrial Cranes: Overhead Crane Systems, Ergonomic Jib Cranes, Foundationless Jib Cranes and Modular Workstations with lifting capability... Please review the line card above and give us a call! 

PREMIER Auger & Blue Diamond Attachments

We offer PREMIER Auger & Blue Diamond Attachments. Both manufacturers specialize in designing and manufacturing heavy duty Skid Steer, Track Loader and Tractor attachments: Hydraulic Augers and Earth Anchor Drivers, Fork Sets, Bale Spears, Land Clearing Attachment, Hydraulic Trenchers, Hydraulic Snow Plows, Hydraulic Post Drivers and Breakers, Hydraulic Concrete Mixers, Hydraulic Round Bale Grabbers and more!... Please review the line card above and give us a call!

OKADA America

OKADA America specializes in designing and manufacturing severe duty demolition attachments for Excavators and Material Handling Carriers. Attachments include: Crushers, Shears, Pulverizers, Breakers, Trommel Screening Buckets, Grapples, Orange Peel Grapples, Plate Compactors and more!... Please review the line card above and give us a call!

The XBoom Coupler® is an exclusive, Patented new idea in eXcavator coupler

XBoom Coupler by AMULET

The XBoom Coupler® is an exclusive, patented new idea in eXcavator couplers…

 The XBoom Coupler® system mounts to the excavators' boom (not at the end of the arm/stick for digging buckets), and by doing that, you can quickly and easily transform your compact excavator into two machines in one!... 

 Of course the 1st machine is your fully functional excavator, you can dig like always... Then, by using the exclusive XBoom Coupler® Quick Change Coupler System, that same excavator can be easily changed-over to a “Rigid Boom, Full Revolving Universal Tool Carrier” that includes a skid steer adapter to accept and effectively use ANY universal skid-steer attachment, all in a shortened, rigid boom, easy to operate machine configuration that maximizes your machines' lifting capacity! And with their quick-change features, you can simply and quickly convert back-and-forth between these two machine configurations at will!

You see, with the XBoom Coupler® System, you’re not just turning one machine into two... you're actually creating an entirely new type of machine!

NEO Equipment is an EXPERT with this new concept, and has the only demo machine with the XBoom Coupler installed in the USA! Call us, and we'll show you, in person, how unique and functional this new coupler is!

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